To register for a company account on Yuvo, simply click on the “GET FOR FREE” button on the top right menu of the home page. Fill in the following details:

  • Name of company

  • Name of admin (person who registers company account in Yuvo)

  • Email ID of the admin

       This email ID would be used to login into the system.
       All login and system related mails would be sent to this email ID

  • Number of employees in the company

An email would be sent to the admin’s email ID, which requires the admin to activate the account and set up a password.

For users logging into the system for the first time, there will be an option to select the preferred configuration of the dashboard. Users may choose to change this option in future.

After selecting the preferred dashboard configuration, the system brings you on a test run on the system, by automatically populating dummy data for new users to try out the system.

Navigating the Dashboard

  1. Left Menu: All the module options of the system are available here.

  2. Cashback Stores: Links to the full list of Yuvo Cashback partners.

  3. Wallet: View/manage the Yuvo wallet for both the company and employees' accounts.

  4. Login Employee Profile: View/manage Yuvo subscription plan, change passwords or sign out of the system.

  5. Dashboard Widget Management: Manage and customise the configuration of dashboard widgets.

  6. Widgets: Widgets displayed on the dashboard to give a quick overview of the different modules.

  7. Yuvo-san: Internal chat system for users within an organisation to communicate with each other. Can also be integrated with other modules such as workflows systems and notifications of deadlines, status etc (available on Yuvo Prime).

Once ready to proceed, click on “Let's Go” in the orange band at the top of the screen to start the digital on-boarding process.

The on-boarding process is done in 4 stages shown below:

  • Invite Employees: Add employees into the Yuvo system — this can be uploaded in bulk or as individual employees. You can also invite employees later from your dashboard.

  • My Profile: Update of admin's personal details into the system.

  • My Documents: Upload all necessary HR documents (Onboarding Documents)  as required by company (which was set at Company Profile and Settings), according to the company's policy.

Lastly, Install Apps: The Yuvo system may also be accessed through the Yuvo mobile app (iOS or Android), or a plugin (available only on Google Chrome browser). The Yuvo plugin helps to automatically access and receive cashback for online purchases made through Yuvo.

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