As a Payroll Admin, you might need to download a specific bank file or a document for payroll processing.

To make the payroll process easier, Yuvo has a feature that allows admins to download the bank file directly from the system.

  • From the left menu, go to Payroll > Team Payroll. Choose a payroll from the list. (Note: Only payrolls which have been released, indicated under the Status bar, have the option for admins to download the bank file).

  • Select More actions > click on Download Bank file.

  • This will open up a pop up window which will allow the admin to select the respective bank, as well as enter the bank account number and value date.

  • Choose a bank from the pre-populated list.

  • Enter the account number.

  • When done, click on the Download Bank File button. A text file with the bank and other details will be downloaded and the user can open it to view the same.
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