As a Performance Manager Admin or Super Admin, you may download Performance Appraisal reports.

The following options are available for download:

  1. Download PDF
  2. Download Report in Excel format

Team Report

To do so, go to the Performance Manager module in the left menu. Select the tab Team Attributes > click on the button Download Report.

All of the attributes for the entire team get included in the downloaded .CSV file.

Individual Report

Select a specific employee to expand and view details of ratings given for the attribute.

Download PDF Report

  • Click on the Download PDF button to download the file in .PDF format which contains all the attributes and the ratings for the specific employee.
  • The PDF file and the rating details are shown as following:

Download Report in Excel format

  • Select an employee and expand the window > click the button Download Report. The attribute details along with the ratings are downloaded as a .CSV file.
  • The details also contain the type of rating given and the user by whom the report was downloaded.
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