• On the left menu, select Workflows module and navigate to My Workflows. Select a workflow.
  • The options Reminders and Whom to inform? are displayed on this page, which are reminders and notifications, respectively.


Send a reminder to the task assignee for the specific task before/upon/after completion of a task.

  • Select a task from the list on the left > click on Reminders tab > fill in the number of months/weeks/hours/days (calendar or working).
  • Choose before/same/after the task due time from the dropdown. Click on Add New Reminder.

*Note: Reminders can only be set when Task Duration of the task is set. If the Task Duration has not been set, go to the tab Details > check the Select Task Duration box.

Whom to inform?

Select employee(s)/ manager to inform upon completion/ assignment of task

  • To inform someone via notification when this specific Task is assigned or marked as complete, click on Whom to inform? tab and select the specific employee(s) or manager.
  • Select Employee, Manager or specific employee(s) to notify. Select between Task is Assigned or Task marked as Complete from the dropdown and click the button Create.
  • The notification will be assigned as per the options selected once it is created.

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