This article is a guide on how to add Documents in a task within the workflow. (See also: How to customise buttons in the tasks as part of a workflow / How to create a workflow)

This feature is useful for workflows that allow admins to assign documents as a task to the recipients, such as company handbooks, mandatory reading documents, project-related documents, policies and guidelines etc.

  • On the left menu, go to Workflows > My Workflows. Click on Add a New Workflow to create a new workflow, or select from existing templates under Choose or Search a template.
  • Click Add a New Task to create a new task
  • This opens up a page to customise your task. To add a document to the task, under Documents, select the respective document(s) to be attached to the task.
  • Once the task is assigned, the task recipient sees the following tasks under Workflows > My Tasks.
  • Documents attached to a task will be shown respectively:

Web view

Mobile view

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