Unpaid leave or also known as No Pay Leave (NPL) is defined as:

a period of time that someone is allowed away from work for holiday, illness, or another special reason, but that they are not paid for.

Admins can reflect unpaid leave (days/hours) taken by employees into their payslips, as deductions. This can be done in the following steps:

  • Select Payroll from the left menu.
  • Click on the Team Payroll tab.
  • Select an existing payroll to edit or create a new one. Add the respective employee(s) for the payroll.
  • For employees who have taken unpaid leave, under their respective profiles, go to Add new pay type and select the type of Unpaid leave (days/hours/minutes).
  • Select the number of days/hours/minutes of unpaid leave taken by employee. The deduction will be automatically calculated based on employee's basic salary and reflected in the employee's payslip.
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