Company Admins have the option to create a new payroll for employees.

To do so, go to Payroll from the left hand menu. Under the Team Payroll tab, click on the button Create New Payroll.

  • Fill in all the details required

  • Add the employee(s) you wish to run payroll for.

  • Select the desired payment method (Cash/ Cheque/ Bank).

  • Under the employee's account, select Add new pay type to add relevant pay items from the gallery.

(NOTE : the drop down list of pay types that is available for you to add here for each employee, is customisable under the "Pay Types" settings. Read the guide here to add, modify or remove the pay types that your company uses : Create new Pay Types or customise Pay Types)

  • The Payslip button on the right side of an employee's name allows admins to download and view the employee's payslip before it is released to them.
  • Clicking on the button More Actions gives the admin the option to reset the pay item, as well as customise the amount for the respective pay items.
  • The latest changes made by the last person are displayed under More Actions.
  • The button More Actions on top of the page allows admins the option of downloading draft payslips, payroll report and to reset payslips. When the payroll is finalized and the payslips are ready to be sent to employees, click on button Mark as Paid & Release Payslips. Every employee in this payroll will then receive a notification that their payslip is now available to them to download and view.
  • Select the date you wish to release the respective payslips to employees and click on the green button to complete the process.

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