Upon joining a company, an admin can set the employee's career progression and edit/ update the employee's pay progression for reasons such as confirmation, promotion, salary increment, work pass update or offboarding. These changes can be scheduled in advance, coming into effectiveness on the dates scheduled.

Note: Each new progression record cannot be earlier or same date as the latest progression recorded. It is best to update all fields required in one effective date to capture all details for that effective date.

Admins can access an employee's designation, career progression and salary details by going to My Employees on the left menu. These details are closely tied to the Payroll module, and these settings can be customised accordingly.

  • Select an employee from the list and click on his/her profile.
  • Under the employee's profile, click on the Employment tab.

Edit Designation

  • Under Employment Details, click on the Edit button.
  • Click on edit designation under Designation.
  • This opens up the Progressions page to where admins can choose to update the employee's Designation, or to create new career Progression Types at different stages of an employee's employment.

Edit / Update Pay Details

  • To update the pay details, select the Progression Type from the dropdown and edit the respective changes in Rate of pay and Salary amount. Click on the create button to save the details.
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