The Payroll function in Yuvo allows admins a wide range of settings to configure according to each company's requirements. Besides the standard Pay Items in the gallery, admins can choose to create new Pay Items and assign them to employees.

You can create a new Pay Item for your employees by clicking on the Payroll module from the left menu.

  • Under Payroll, select the Pay Types tab.
  • Admins can either create a New Pay Type or select from the options available in the Gallery.

  • Click on From Gallery to open a list of pre-populated pay types. Click on the "+" button to add relevant Pay Types to your drop down list when creating payroll and adding pay items into payslips.
  • Pay items in gallery are only for your convenience. Every pay item you select from gallery must first be configured by you, before they will be added to your list for your selection into payslips. You can edit the pay items however you wish, according to your company needs.

Customise New Pay Type

  • Click on New Pay Type to create and customise a new pay item. Enter the required details of the pay item and click on the Create button.
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