The 360 Review is a feature that enables an employee's colleagues and managers to both provide feedback about his/her performance.

Using the 360 Review feature, all employees in a company can review fellow employees within their department, as well as outside of. They can also review managers, with the exception of certain Attributes set as "Only for managers", that can only be reviewed by managers.

To review an employee, the designated Super Admin or Performance Admin for the company has to first set up the employee's KPIs in the system. After which, Attributes can be added by the Admins, or managers* (*from second degree reporting employees onwards).

To add an Attribute, go to Performance Manager > Team Attributes and either search for the employee's name, or scroll down the list of Employee names.

Select the employee you wish to add an Attribute for.

Select the "Only for managers" option.

Attributes with the "Only for managers" will be displayed with a green Manager only attribute button. This Attribute can only be reviewed by managers of Ava.

To illustrate with an example, Adrian, a HR manager has an Attribute (Hiring of right talent) marked as "Only for managers"; that is, it can only be seen and reviewed by his managers up the Org Chart. Meng Chuan reports to Adrian, who reports to Angela.

View from Angela's dashboard (Adrian's reporting manager):

  • the Manager-only Attribute is reflected in Angela's dashboard as she (and all other reporting managers above her) is able to review Adrian's performance for that Attribute.
  • Managers are also able to view all the reviews given by other employees for Adrian. This aids them when they do performance appraisal for Adrian.

View from Meng Chuan's dashboard (Adrian's reporting employee):

  • Meng Chuan is not able to see the Manager-only attribute that Adrian has, as he reports to Adrian and is under him in the Org Chart. Meng Chuan (and all non-managers of Adrian) is able to rate all other attributes that are not limited by the "Only for managers" tag.
  • Meng Chuan can only see his own reviews for Adrian, and not reviews that other employees have given him.

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