The 360 Review is a feature that enables an employee's colleagues and managers to both provide feedback about his/her performance.

To enable this feature, go to Company > Company Profile on the left menu. Select the 360° performance review.

Using the 360 Review feature, all employees in a company can review fellow employees within their department, as well as outside of. They can also review managers, with the exception of certain Attributes set as "only for managers", that can only be reviewed by managers.

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Admin permissions (when 360 Review is enabled):

Super Admin

Super Admins are given permissions to all features in Yuvo's system. Thus, we recommend that Super Admin rights only be given to trusted employees whom you'd like to have complete rights for.

Performance Admin

The Performance Admin can be set under Company > Admin Management. Select the respective employees to assign admin rights as Performance Admin to.

Performance Admins are able to edit, delete and add Attributes to all employees in the company. They are also able to set KPIs for all employees in a company.


Managers can only add Attributes, but not edit or delete attributes related to direct reporting employees (first degree reporting employees). Should a manager wish to edit or delete an attribute/review relating to a direct reporting employee, the manager's reporting manager has to be the one to make the changes.

This is to ensure accountability, so that personal biases and the "shifting of goalposts" can be eliminated in performance reviews between managers and direct reporting employees. Managers are allowed to edit or delete attributes for second degree reporting employees and below.

In the example below, should Jeslyn make a mistake and would like to edit one of her reviews for Colin's appraisal, she would need to get her reporting manager, Thomas to make the edits on the system using his account.

Managers are not allowed to set KPIs. With the 360 Review feature enabled, managers are allowed to review all reporting employees, as well as non-reporting employees.

Managers are able to view all reviews given by other colleagues for all employees that report to them. This will help them in assessing an employee's performance for performance appraisals.

Using the example above, Thomas will be able to see all the reviews that other colleagues have given Jeslyn and Colin.


Employees can review all employees in the company on all Attributes (except those set as "only for managers"). Employees cannot view others' reviews of another employees, but can only see those they have made for that employee.

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