If you're an employee and are looking to see how you can use Yuvo for work, here is a guide to help you get started.

For Work

Org Chart

The Org Chart is a diagram that visually conveys a company's internal structure by reflecting the reporting structure and relationships between individuals within the company.


Workflows is a useful tool for automating a series of tasks that a manager, employee or group of employees can perform. This can be used for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in a company, onboarding process, event preparation or even organizing birthday parties for team mates.

The workflow can be set as a one-off process, or can be repeated for an Event Date. You can assign admin rights for the workflow, and assign employees to perform selected tasks to complete the Workflow. Users can track progress of tasks completion and add comments for tasks assigned to them. The admin of the group can also opt to create a group chat for the workflow.


The YuvoChat internal communications system comprises of an internal chat messaging system, as well as secure, encrypted audio/video calls. It is also intelligently integrated with Workflows and YuvoDrive.

Easily create group chats within the organisation (and subsidiaries, if access is given) and share documents or images within the group. The creator of the group also has the option to limit the chat group to 'view only' for one-way dissemination of information, such as company broadcasts and announcements.

YuvoDrive Internal Cloud Storage

YuvoDrive is an internal cloud-based, secure shared drive for members of an organisation to upload and share files within the company.

Apply for Leave

Applying for leave can be done from the convenience of your phone or desktop. Upon application of leave, respective reporting managers will be notified via the Yuvo app for the approval of the leave. Employees can view their applied leave, check for approval status as well as cancel the applied leave, as long as it has not been approved yet. For leave that has been approved, employees are required to contact their admin/manager directly.

View Payslips

Employees can view past payslips on the Yuvo web app, or mobile app.

Performance Manager

Employees and managers can keep expectations and KPIs clear, through the Performance Manager feature. Set KPIs for the Company Vision and Mission, Department Objectives as well as Individual targets.

For Personal Use


Cashback, defined as "real cash earned back when you shop", is available to all Yuvo members when you shop at our list of partner brands. This can be done via the web app, by installing the Google Chrome plugin or the Yuvo mobile app. Cashback earned can then be accessed and cashed out via the Yuvo wallet.


Yuvo members are entitled to a list of health benefits under the YuvoPrime by Fullerton Health plan. For more details, click here.


Yuvo members can purchase both corporate and personal insurance policies at specially discounted rates, and view details of their policies and check their expiry dates via the Yuvo app.

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