Web App

The Performance Manager is available on the left menu.

Managers can review an employee's performance on selected metrics (termed as 'Attributes'), which are based on his/her Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This can be done via Performance Manager > Team Attributes.

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Add attributes for an employee

Admins with Super Admin, Performance Admin rights or managers* can add Attributes for a given employee. Attributes are specific goals that are directly tied to the employee's KPIs.

Once the Attributes have been set, the reporting manager can periodically update the system with a good, neutral or bad review for the employee's performance in meeting that KPI. 

To better illustrate how an employee is reviewed using Attributes and KPIs, we use the example of Adrian Crowley, a HR Manager, who has the following goals set for him (see screenshot below):

Attribute: Hiring of right talent

KPI tied to this attribute: To ensure our vendor partners are able to seamlessly scale up their business through our platform and achieve long term sustainability

To add a review/rating for an employee, click on the green Add new rating button under the selected Attribute.

(*Note: there are 2 rating systems admins can set: Star Rating and Thumbs Up/Down system. Example below shows Thumbs Up/Down system)

For every review given, the manager is required to key in comments to justify the reason for that review.

Upon submission of a review, all reviews are time-stamped and logged into the database; only select admins/managers* will be able to edit past reviews.

This record of reviews can then be used to guide managers in their employee performance appraisals.

Mobile App

  • Login to your account in the mobile app and click on HR.

  • Under My HR, select Performance Manager.

  • Click on the Team tab to view the attributes of your employees and to provide them ratings.
  • To give rating for a specific attribute for an employee, click on the thumbs up icon towards the bottom right corner of the screen.

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