When an employee submits a leave request through the Yuvo app, this will automatically notify your direct reporting manager via the app, as well as through email to request for their approval.

In the event when the respective managers are not available, admins with the given rights are also able to approve/reject an employee's leave.

For Web App

From the left menu, select Leave > Approvals.

Admins with the given rights can Approve or Reject Leave applied by an employee through either of the two ways:

  1. Through the Approvals tab

From the left menu, go to Leave > Approvals. Under Filter By, select All Records.

Select the particular records from the list of all the leave records of the organization.

(The 'filter by' field filters the list of employees differently for the Manager view and the Admin view. If the user is a manager, but not an admin, then the 'filter by' field will show "Only my Team Records)

Click on the Delete, Approve or Reject button next to the leave applications to make the following changes to them.

2. Through the Team Leave tab

To approve or reject leave, the Admin has to go to the option Leave > Team Leave.

From the list of employees, click on the name of the employee for whom the leave has to be approved.

Under Leave Records, the list of leave requests made by the employee will be displayed. The Admin can Approve or Reject the leave (as per the company policy) by clicking on the respective buttons.

For leave requests that have previously been approved, the Admin can reject it at a later time. Employees will get notified whenever their leave gets approved/rejected.

For Mobile App

When an employee submits a leave request through the Yuvo app, Admins can go to HR > Leave to approve or reject the request.

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