Yuvo's leave module allows employees to conveniently apply for leave on the web or through the mobile app, and for managers to approve them through the same platforms. To get started on setting up Leave for the company the admin then has to define:

(i) Leave Type

(ii) Leave Period

Leave Type

The Leave module can be accessed via the Leave option in the left menu.

Leave Types can be selected from the list of templates present in the system provided by Yuvo or you may customize it. You can also create your own Leave Type as per the organization policy by clicking on New Leave Type button.

=> Click on Leave Settings> Leave Types> From Gallery.

When clicking on a template in a Leave Type, click on the button Clone.

Newly added Leave Types are now reflected under 'My Company Leave Items' under the tab Leave Types. Admins can edit and customize these items, as required, to suit the company policy.

Leave Period

Leave Types are assigned to a defined Leave Period, and employees' leave entitlements are refreshed at the start of every new cycle of a Leave Period.

Depending on company policy, the Leave Period is usually defined as the start of the calendar year till the end.

For companies setting up Leave in Yuvo for the first time

  • To define a new Leave Period, click the Add new Leave Period button.

  • Select the start date and end date of the Leave Period, as well as the Leave Types that are applicable to the Leave Period. Click the button Create to finish setting up the Leave Period.
  • Once the leave period is added, it needs to be activated as follows:
  • Click on the more actions option> choose 'Activate'.

  • Click on "Yes, activate!".

For companies with existing Leave Periods and Leave Types set up

  • To define a new Leave Period, click the Add new Leave Period button.

  • Select the respective Leave Types to be made applicable to the selected Leave Period and click the button Create.

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