To define Admin or assign Permissions to Admins, go to Admin Management in the left menu under Company.

To assign or remove an Admin from a Permission Group, select the Permission Group against the name of the Employee. The system automatically saves the changes when an Admin is assigned or removed from the group. Within the group, the Scope an Admin is given rights over is also assigned.

To Add an Admin, navigate to the Admin tab and click on the button “Add new Admin”

Select the Employee from the list of employees of the Organization.

Attach a Scope to the Employee.

Attach a Permissions Group to the Employee.

Important Note

Group – Multiple groups can be assigned to an Admin. At least one group has to be selected for an Admin.

No Group – If all groups are removed from an Admin then the system automatically provides a prompt to Delete the Admin.

An Admin cannot change his/her own Permissions.

Scope – Scope determines whether the Admin has rights for the Company, Subsidiaries or Full Group of Companies. There are 5 options for the Scope.

Own Company – The Admin will have given rights within his/her own Company.

Subsidiary Companies –The Admin will have given rights for only Subsidiaries of his/her Company

Own & Subsidiary Companies –The Admin will have given rights for his/her own company and its subsidiaries

Group Admin –The Admin will have given rights for the full Group of Companies except over the Super Admin.

Super Admin –The Admin will have complete rights in the System for the Full Group of Companies. If the Scope is selected as Super Admin, then the Default Group is automatically selected and rest of the groups will no longer be selectable.

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