Admins who have been given Super Admin rights, or the permission 'Can manage "My Employees" except off-boarding' are able to onboard and offboard employees, as well as manage official and personal data.

Create employee profile on Yuvo

To do this, go to My Employees option on the Left Menu.

Employee details can be uploaded in the following two ways, by clicking on the buttons on the top right corner of the page:

a) Bulk Import

Bulk Import can be used if you have all the records in a relevant format (eg. csv) and can be directly imported into the Yuvo system. 

  • Download the Blank Template for first-time set up for new companies using Yuvo
  • For companies with existing employee data on the Yuvo platform, download the spreadsheet Template with existing employees data to make changes to existing employees/ add new employees

Once the spreadsheets have been populated with the necessary data, upload it into the dotted box below and click the Save & Complete button.

Please contact us at should you require help with this bulk import process.  

b) Add new employee

To add employees individually into the system,  go to My Employees on the left menu.

  • Click on Add New Employee.
  • Enter Full Name of the employee as on your official records.
  • Enter either Email Address or Mobile Number of the employee to send an invite.
  • The boxes highlighted in red denote mandatory input of information

At the top left corner of the page, select Send email invitation to use Yuvo to invite an employee to fill up his/her data after the employee profile is created.

If, as an admin, you prefer to onboard the employees yourself, then select Do not send any invitation.

Select the button Create to create a new employee account.

Invite employees to use Yuvo at a later date

Sometimes, companies would prefer to first create accounts for new employees in the system, before sending them the invitation to access Yuvo at a later date.

In cases like these, employee accounts which have already been created are reflected in My Employees, with a red '!' button next to the employee's name. Click on the More Options button on the top right > Send Invite to invite employee to onboard onto Yuvo.

Choose from the following options:

  • Invite to self on-board: This sends employee an email inviting him/her to log into the Yuvo system to fill up personal details. If you have pre-set specific documents for new employees to upload as required by the company (eg. NRIC, resume, offer letter etc), the employee will be guided through to upload those documents.
  • Invite to start using Yuvo system without on-boarding: This allows admin to onboard the employee directly without needing them to fill up details and upload their documents. This is preferable if you would like to collect these information from the employee at a later time, and would like him/her to access the Yuvo system first.

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