To add a subsidiary company into the system, go to Company > Subsidiary Companies  in the Left Menu.

The admin can define subsidiary companies through this option and also move to the dashboard of the subsidiary company to manage it (if he/she has rights to subsidiary company). There are two ways a subsidiary company can be added into the system:

(i) Add a subsidiary company only – The subsidiary company would be created in the system and admins from the parent company who have the permissions to access subsidiaries would be able to manage the subsidiary company. For this option only the details of the subsidiary company are required.

(ii) Add a subsidiary company along with an admin – This option creates an account for the subsidiary company, along with an admin account for the company. The email address of the admin is required, where the login details of the subsidiary would be sent to. He/she would have full rights to the subsidiary company. For this option, the admin account needs to be first set up, then the subsidiary details entered.

* Click inside the "Invite company admin to on-board" button to enable the details for the new Admin, including the Admin's full name and the email address.

The admin will be able to switch between companies by clicking on the Dashboard button against each company in the display (as shown in image below).

Note : Admin needs to have permissions to manage subsidiaries.

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