View Org Chart

The Org Chart is a useful tool for users to get a quick visual overview of the roles and hierarchy of the organisational system of a company. To access the Organisational Chart:

  • Select Company => Org Chart in the left menu
  • The Org Chart can be downloaded as .PNG, .PDF or .SVG format
  • The Org Chart can be viewed both vertically or horizontally

Add/ Edit Employee into Org Chart

To add or edit an employee's position in the organisational chart system, the "Manager" of the employee needs to be assigned in the system via the following steps:

  • Go to My Employees on the left menu.

  • Select the employee to be assigned a manager to. Click on the image of the employee or expand the employee profile and select the button Edit.
  • Select the respective manager to assign the employee to under the drop down box in "Manager".

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